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Imaginary Futures presentation:
Download (ZIP 15MB)
Created in Flash 8. Designed by Matt Miller.

Post Industrial Imperialism presentation:
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Created in Flash MX 2004. Designed by Matt Miller.

New York Prophecies presentation:
Download for Mac (ZIP 24MB)
Download for PC (ZIP 22MB)

Created in Flash MX 2004. Designed by Kosta Papagiannopoulos.

From the 100 Club to the Creative Cluster presentation:
Download (PDF 5MB)
Designed by Matt Miller.

Creative City presentation:
Download (ZIP 6.2MB)
Created in Flash CS3. Designed by Matt Miller.

The Class of the New presentation:
Download (ZIP 6.4MB)
Created in Flash CS4. Designed by Elon Julien.

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Just like producing cybernetics without Wiener, inventing Marxism without Marx had now become an idealogical priority.