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The Imaginary Futures Book Launch

The Imaginary Futures book launch at Madame JoJos in London’s SoHo drew a celebratory crowd of 300 on 16th May 2007. Check out the video clips below:

View An Introduction to Imaginary Futures

Dr. Richard Barbrook shares thoughts about his new book Imaginary Futures with YouTube audiences.

Stay Tuned For More V-Logs From Richard
Richard will be making periodic appearances on YouTube, in efforts to reach his global audience. Keep updated by searching YouTube for the tag Richard Barbrook in coming weeks.

New York Prophecies Presentation at de Balie in Amsterdam

At the beginning of the 21st century, the dream of artificial intelligence is deeply embedded within the modern imagination. We have grown up with images of loyal robot buddies like Data in Star Trek TNG and of pitiless machine monsters like the cyborg in The Terminator. These science fiction fantasies are encouraged by confident predictions from prominent computer scientists. Continual improvements in hardware and software must eventually lead to the Singularity: the creation of artificial intelligences more powerful than the human mind.

Click here to view the video


Imaginary Futures presentation:
Download (ZIP 15MB)
Created in Flash 8. Designed by Matt Miller.

Post Industrial Imperialism presentation:
Download (ZIP 8.9MB)
Created in Flash MX 2004. Designed by Matt Miller.

New York Prophecies presentation:
Download for Mac (ZIP 24MB)
Download for PC (ZIP 22MB)
Created in Flash MX 2004. Designed by Kosta Papagiannopoulos.

From the 100 Club to the Creative Cluster presentation:
Download (PDF 5MB)
Designed by Matt Miller.

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Just like producing cybernetics without Wiener, inventing Marxism without Marx had now become an idealogical priority.