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Author: IPE


1. Why does international political economy determine the way that you live your life?

2. From the black ships of 1853 up to the bubble of the late 1980s, Japan’s path to modernity has been more exogenous (externally driven) than endogenous (internally generated). Discuss.

3. In what ways did Nationalism and Marxism offer persuasive theoretical alternatives to Liberalism in the 19th century?

4. Leninism, Keynesianism and Neo-Liberalism are all economic determinist theories. Discuss.

5. Why is Korean history so divisive and what actual systems developed out of the division? Can these entrenched divisions be overcome?

6. How does the concept of the ā€œimperialism of free tradeā€? explain the rise and fall of the British empire?

7. The global economic hegemony of the American empire was founded upon the military confrontation with its Russian rival. Discuss.

8. Does instability in the international financial system stimulate or hinder global economic growth?

9. Global warming is a price worth paying to raise the majority of humanity out of poverty. Discuss.

10. Why is the Net described both as the apotheosis of free market capitalism and as the harbinger of cybernetic communism?

11. Does the global justice movement propose any credible economic alternatives to the neo-liberal paradigm?

Within this MySpace version of the electronic agora, cybernetic communism was mainstream and unexceptional. What had once been a revolutionary dream was now an enjoyable part of everyday life.