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Author: Cybersalon


1. Why are there never enough pockets to carry my mobile, my PDA, my MP3 player and my Gameboy?

We should weave talking, organising, listening and playing into the fabric of our clothing.

2. Can’t we have something better than “one-size-fits-all? technology?

Wearable computers will know our desires – and therefore also know how to flatter our figures.

3. Will my avatar tell me if my bum looks too big in it?

Since most of us refuse to believe that body scanners give a true representation of our figures, we’ll be shocked when fashion reveals as much as it conceals.

4. Are my clothes spying on me?

If we want GPS to tell us where we are, we must accept that someone else might be interested in finding out too.

5. Why do the fashions of the future always look like those in old science fiction movies?

The cut of a well-designed suit can easily disguise the most ‘cutting-edge’ of technologies.

6. Will we only play with ourselves?

Even when we’re alone, wearable devices are connecting us with our friends, relations and workmates.

7. Will my clothing give me an all-over body toning?

As Marshall McLuhan once said, the medium *is* the massage!

8. Do you want to wear my cyber-suit?

If we could feel each other’s sensations, we might be better able to understand each other’s emotions.

9. Can we customise our virtual selves?

If we’re unhappy with our physical bodies, we can always invent a sexier image for our adventures in cyberspace.

10. What’s the effect of all these electrical impulses?

The risk of radiation is the price of connectivity.

Niki Gomez
Richard Barbrook

5th February 2001

Within this MySpace version of the electronic agora, cybernetic communism was mainstream and unexceptional. What had once been a revolutionary dream was now an enjoyable part of everyday life.