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May 14th, 2008
Author: Richard Barbrook

World Ex-Position ’08

Fahim Amir has posted a review of the World Ex-Position ’08 which took place on 26th April-15th May 2008 in Vienna, Austria. He concludes his Mute article with this observation on Richard Barbrook’s talk about Imaginary Futures at the festival:

“His politically apt and historically well informed argument presents a strong antidote to the euphoric manifestos of the net’s postmodern leftist theorists of the likes of Antonio Negri, without falling for the techno-pessimistic traps of an oversimplifying critique of ideology. Indeed, to quote Barbrook, ‘those who forget the future are condemned to repeat it’.”

Read Famir Amin’s review.

The utopian dreams of Russian-style cybernetic communism could only be turned into everyday reality within the made-in-the-USA global village.